The 10 Giving Profile types

Updated: 27th November, 2023

The Giving Profile

A fun and helpful resource to support you in your giving

This Thanksgiving season, I’m feeling deeply grateful for the generosity of our GPP partners – both those who give alongside us and the organizations doing the hard work on the ground across the world. And with Giving Tuesday upon us, I want to share with you once again an amazing (& fun!) resource to support you in your giving.

The Giving Profile is a quiz based in behavioral science and Al to provide insights into your values as a donor. Through this scientific approach, the Giving Profile builds on your responses to 20 questions to create a personalized social impact profile. Together, it offers a window into the values present in our GPP community and a better understanding of your engagement preferences.

The 10 social impact profiles are:
The 10 Giving Profile types

It turns out that I’m “Altruistic,” which is described as “Demonstrating high emotional intelligence. Altruistic personalities enjoy an immediate connection with others. Relying on both intuition and information, they know how to help others and to obtain the best results.” The quiz recommended that I’d be interested in organizations like the END Fund and Code for America, along with a TED Talk and influencers to follow, and I receive new suggestions every month.

Many of you have already taken the quiz (we invite you to do it again!) and we’ve learned more about you too. Here are the top five insights about the type of people like you that took the quiz so far this year:

  • You are cerebral, sophisticated thinkers who stay current with social issues.
  • Many of you are young women who are influencers in your communities.
  • You’re people who demonstrate trust and commitment to the social process.
  • You have a keen willingness to engage at high levels over time via multiple activities & opportunities.
  • You are respectful of organizational experts to help guide their philanthropic decisions.

Another interesting finding? Integrity  was consistently the most dominant value of quiz participants.

None of this was surprising, as we know that many of you are part of our community because you care deeply about the issues and want to work with a trusted source that has a curated and strategic giving process. 

This quiz allows you to get a deeper insight into your own values surrounding giving that can help as you plan your end-of-year giving. I encourage everyone to take the quiz and see if it resonates with you. Does it make you think of your priorities differently? Does it unlock a new issue area that you haven’t considered before? All of these insights can be valuable as you look ahead, so take a few minutes and see what your Giving Profile is by taking the quiz here!

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