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How we work

From selecting strategies to seeing impact, every step of our process is carefully considered. Like you, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life—no matter where they live. Giving with Gates Philanthropy Partners means you are giving alongside the Gates Foundation to transform lives around the world.

It starts with donors like you

Giving with Gates Philanthropy Partners means you are reducing inequities and transforming lives around the world.

We make sure your giving gets to where it matters most

Our unique relationship with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation means we can quickly identify projects where your donation can have an immediate impact.
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Strategically select Gates Foundation-funded projects with guidance from program experts.

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Channel donations to curated, vetted projects where there is greatest potential for impact.

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Communicate our collective results, successes, and challenges with you, our partners.

Futures transformed

Together, we are making the impossible possible. From the organizations doing the hard work on the ground to 9-year-old Declan from Seattle who donates a portion of his allowance to Gates Philanthropy Partners—we are all partners in creating change. 
Bonnie Jones

“I want some of my charitable giving to help people outside of the developed world. I also think that helping women and girls in emerging countries will make a huge impact.”


GPP has three funds, each of which supports focus areas prioritized by the foundation. As a donor, you decide how many funds you wish to support. Explore the funds.

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