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Updated: 3rd November, 2021

Our Website Redesign Launch

Birthdays are a big deal—on our fifth, GPP proves that together is better

29th September, 2021

Vaccines & variants, revisited

A conversation with Dr. Scott Dowell on the pandemic, vaccines, variants, and optimism.

31st August, 2021

And, we’re back: A new school year, the same pandemic

Henry Hipps talks about the effects of the pandemic on learning and ways funders can help.

10th August, 2021

Indonesia in crisis

A new wave of COVID-19 crashes onto Indonesia’s shores.

29th April, 2021

No, the pandemic is not over.

And, yes — 2021 is looking a lot like 2020 for most of the world.

29th March, 2021

We Are The World

Let us take you back to 1985, to the days when we listened to the radio (and not to Spotify or podcasts).

23rd February, 2021

Why is gender so important to pandemic response?

Henry Hipps talks about the effects of the pandemic on learning and ways funders can help.

28th January, 2021

Vaccines & variants

A Q&A with Dr. Scott Dowell of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

17th August, 2020

COVID-19 therapeutics

Why therapeutics are critical to ending the pandemic

27th July, 2020

Back to school meets the digital divide

We are all in the peak of summer across the US, but all eyes are on the next six weeks when kids will head back to school.

28th May, 2020

Resilient giving: pandemics & portfolios

Recovery. Re-opening. Resilience.

6th May, 2020

Combating COVID-19

Diagnostics and the new normal

6th May, 2020

How we’re staying optimistic

The personality test edition

13th April, 2020

Giving boldly

How we're combating COVID-19, together

13th April, 2020

How we’re staying optimistic

Taking a moment to celebrate silliness

2nd December, 2019

Empowerment, opportunity, and you

Gates Philanthropy Partners are changing the world

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