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Updated: 27th June, 2024

Lifesaving Innovations for Preterm Babies

31st May, 2024

Evidence in Action: Understanding Jobs, Workers, and Mobility

Understanding Work through Data

30th April, 2024

Women's leadership matters

Women's leadership matters

28th March, 2024

Innovations helping farmers in Africa adapt to climate change

Seeds, chickens, & other solutions for a climate-resilient Africa

29th February, 2024

Improving newborn health

Cost-Effective Interventions to Improve Newborn Health 

31st January, 2024

On the horizon for 2024  

Investing in innovative ways to save lives

14th December, 2023

It’s giving season

By giving with Gates Philanthropy Partners, you are able to accelerate progress on critical global issues.

30th October, 2023

Safe sanitation for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

29th September, 2023

Healthy moms, healthy babies: A peek behind the 2023 goalkeepers report

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies: A peek behind the 2023 Goalkeepers Report 

27th July, 2023

Pathways to possible: Designing a cure for HIV

29th March, 2023

Lightful: technology for good

GPP’s grantee partner, Lightful, is helping grassroots nonprofits bridge the digital access gap—and advance gender and reproductive justice around the world.

30th January, 2023

Rebels with a cause: knocking out deadly diseases, one by one

New strides in the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)—and for the healthy futures of patients—are keeping us optimistic.

30th November, 2022

What gives? Sharing our caring this season

Giving sparks joy—but don’t take our word for it. Foundation experts share their favorite causes to inspire us all.

27th October, 2022

Grand challenges, grand solutions: celebrating innovation

Featuring Grand Challenges, a global call-to-action that sources new ideas from unexpected places

4th October, 2022

Data for the win: rethinking postsecondary success

Exploring what’s possible for students when data and higher education collide

10th September, 2022

The world today: Ukraine, food systems, and (more) global emergencies

Exploring the ripples and taking action on global emergencies through the Gates Foundation’s lens.

28th June, 2022

Polio’s end game: fueling new tools for eradication

An insider’s look at how the world’s reaching new heights with new tools to eradicate polio.

28th May, 2022

Impact Report feature: SEWA Bharat and amazing women in India

A preview of our 2021 Impact Report: get to know a few amazing women changing their communities in India.

26th April, 2022

Silver linings: preparing for the next pandemic

Preventing the next pandemic because, really, no one wants to live through this again.

31st March, 2022

World Mosquito Program: innovating disease control

Learn how the World Mosquito Program is taking the sting out of disease control

2nd March, 2022

Taking action: supporting women in Afghanistan

How women’s funds around the world joined together to support women in Afghanistan—and how you can, too

25th January, 2022

What is genomic surveillance and sequencing?

Behind-the-scenes of how scientists and researchers study pathogens to inform and solve public health challenges

30th November, 2021

To give is to receive: together, let’s go big!

Inspirations to Spark Your Season of Giving

3rd November, 2021

Our website redesign launch

Birthdays are a big deal—on our fifth, GPP proves that together is better

29th September, 2021

Vaccines & variants, revisited

A conversation with Dr. Scott Dowell on the pandemic, vaccines, variants, and optimism.

31st August, 2021

And, we’re back: A new school year, the same pandemic

Henry Hipps talks about the effects of the pandemic on learning and ways funders can help.

10th August, 2021

Indonesia in crisis

A new wave of COVID-19 crashes onto Indonesia’s shores.

29th April, 2021

No, the pandemic is not over.

And, yes — 2021 is looking a lot like 2020 for most of the world.

29th March, 2021

We Are The World

Let us take you back to 1985, to the days when we listened to the radio (and not to Spotify or podcasts).

23rd February, 2021

Why is gender so important to pandemic response?

Equity can’t wait, even for a pandemic.

28th January, 2021

Vaccines & variants

A Q&A with Dr. Scott Dowell of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

17th August, 2020

COVID-19 therapeutics

Why therapeutics are critical to ending the pandemic

27th July, 2020

Back to school meets the digital divide

We are all in the peak of summer across the US, but all eyes are on the next six weeks when kids will head back to school.

28th May, 2020

Resilient giving: pandemics & portfolios

Recovery. Re-opening. Resilience.

6th May, 2020

Combating COVID-19

Diagnostics and the new normal

6th May, 2020

How we’re staying optimistic

The personality test edition

13th April, 2020

Giving boldly

How we're combating COVID-19, together

13th April, 2020

How we’re staying optimistic

Taking a moment to celebrate silliness

2nd December, 2019

Empowerment, opportunity, and you

Gates Philanthropy Partners are changing the world

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