Impact Report 2022

Making the Impossible, Possible

2022 marked a time of transition and glimmers of hope in tackling the pandemic and fixing gaps in global health. COVID-19 has magnified inequities that have existed for years—and became the catalyst for seeking bold, new ideas to address old problems that keep millions from living full, healthy lives.

Innovation and partnership are at the heart of our work. Your generosity and care have fueled the work of visionaries and changemakers on the frontlines to persist, think big, and forge a path toward a healthier, more equitable world. You made the progress and breakthroughs in this report possible.

Spotlight on 2022 Grantees

Our 2022 grantees are tackling difficult, intractable issues—and making the impossible, possible. These are the teams doing the hard work on the ground. They are ensuring access to critical medical supplies, responding to complex emergencies, expanding public health solutions and services, and exploring effective pathways to economic mobility.

Africa Medical Supplies Platform: Strengthening Access to Lifesaving Health Tools

The African Medical Supplies Platform received $3 million to deliver COVID-19 vaccines and increase access to cost-effective medicine, diagnostics, equipment, and other critical health tools in Africa.

Mercy Corps: Supporting Vulnerable Communities in Lebanon

Mercy Corps received $150,000 to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable households, including women and children, affected by the ongoing economic, political, and security crisis in Lebanon.

Resolve to Save Lives: Tackling Cardiovascular Health at Scale

Resolve to Save Lives received $15 million to promote and tackle cardiovascular health—and work to prevent communities everywhere from dying of heart disease.

Urban Institute: Exploring Solutions for Worker Mobility

The Urban Institute received $800,000 to create a research network focused on helping workers making less than a living wage access better paying jobs and economic stability.

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