Updated: 2nd December, 2019

Empowerment, opportunity, and you

Gates Philanthropy Partners are changing the world

Sketch of a woman reaching to the sky

Vaccination illustration by Antonio Rodriguez

Sketches of women in various active poses

COVID pandemic signage in the Site B area of Khayalitsha, outside Cape Town, South Africa on February 18, 2021

On behalf of women and girls everywhere, you took action to mobilize nearly $2.1 million in giving that will sustain 10 outstanding organizations accelerating progress toward equality, empowerment, and opportunity.

You believe that Equality Can’t Wait. We believe that too.

Together, as partners in the Empowerment & Opportunity Fund, we are turning this belief into action.

10 outstanding organizations driving toward gender equality

Because you took action, 10 organizations — many of which are featured in Melinda’s book, The Moment of Lift — are accelerating their efforts, so that women and girls are able to harness their power to make decisions, take opportunities, and define their world.

You are the Partner in Gates Philanthropy Partners. Thank you for giving with us.

Community Empowerment


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Ending child marriage

Girls Not Brides

The Power of Giving | Adolescents360

Girls’ Education

Malala Fund

Women’s Self-Help Groups

Aga Khan Foundation

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