Updated: 3rd November, 2021

Our website redesign launch

Birthdays are a big deal—on our fifth, GPP proves that together is better

There’s lots to celebrate! After five years, you (the folks who put the “partners” in Gates Philanthropy Partners) have trusted us and harnessed the expertise and strategies of the Gates Foundation to maximize the impact of your donations via Gates Philanthropy Partners—with a phenomenal $179.9M channeled to 71 grantees in 32 countries so far.

In other words, we are making sure your giving gets to where it matters.

From the beginning, the idea behind Gates Philanthropy Partners was simple: by working together, we are making faster progress on must-solve problems. That means that since 2016 our collective effort has packed each gift with a more powerful punch. By giving through Gates Philanthropy Partners, you join a growing community of donors fighting to end global poverty, disease, and inequity.

This kind of progress has never been more crucial.

As the global community combats the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative social and economic effects, we are striving to recover lost gains in well-being, protect other hard-won progress, and build back better for a future, post-pandemic world. The world doesn’t have the luxury for anything else—every donation must make a real difference now. Because how the world recovers depends on what we do today.

Gates Philanthropy Partners facilitates smart-yet-simple, high-impact giving for our burgeoning donor community—especially as the world moves toward this post-pandemic reality. We make it easy for you to direct your giving where you want it to go, while leveraging the knowledge and experience of the foundation’s experts:

  • Must-solve problems
    We believe that giving can fuel innovation, eliminate disease, and reduce inequity for all. Explore our focus areas: newborn & child health, disease elimination & eradication, U.S. education, and global health innovation.
  • Combating COVID-19
    COVID-19 isn’t just a health emergency; it’s a social and economic crisis. Beyond developing and delivering vaccines and treatments, we deliver funds to help communities meet basic needs. Explore our focus areas: diagnostics, Therapeutics Accelerator, and protecting the most vulnerable.
  • Empowerment & Opportunity
    Empowered women change their world and ours. Explore our focus areas: women’s collectives, women in leadership, women’s economic empowerment, and family planning.

The world needs our help. Let’s show up now. Together.

So what’s a perfect five-year birthday gift? Meet GPP’s new website!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our fresh-out-of-the-box website—designed to serve our rapidly growing global community of donors even more dynamically. You’ll find easier ways to engage, to give, and to stay updated on what’s going on behind the scenes at the foundation and on-the-ground with your grantee partners. The new bells and whistles let you:

  • Get to know your fellow donors—why they give and what makes them tick
  • Direct your giving easily—to the fund
  • Learn about the impact of your giving and your amazing grantee partners—the thinkers, doers, advocates, and champions doing the hard work on the ground
  • Keep up-to-date with our latest news and stories—“behind the scenes” conversations with Gates Foundation experts guiding our giving and more

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